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More than just a haircut.
Beauty, Care, & Passion in Hair-Styling.

Your hair plays a big part in how you view yourself, and we strive to help you achieve a positive self image. Building self love through self care also leads the way for significant personal development.

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Perception of beauty is an internal and external experience. Caring for ourselves and our appearance is the first step in improving our mental, physical, and spiritual quality of life. We help you define a way to present yourself through your hair.

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No matter your style, we have experienced hairdressers who have worked on all types of hair. We believe in self love through taking care of yourself.
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Massage therapy is an art and a science in reducing stress, improving bloodflow, and strengthening joints. Our master massage therapists can help you with ahces and pains in your joints and muscles. Pick your preferred masseuse or esthetician below to schedule an appointment.







We make you look and feel gorgeous.

Raven works with hairdressing in order to share the confidence and self love that goes along with taking care of yourself. She aims to fuel her clients’ progress towards a new self with every appointment. Her life’s work is to assist people to grow and change, and to avoid complacency and stagnation in their sense of self. As crazy as it sounds, changing your hair and maintaining healthy hair practices helps with all of the challenges in our lives and significantly contributes to self development.








Hair-Styling is what makes us feel alive.

With over 25 years in the hair styling and hair-care industry, Raven and the team at 5D Salon have the passion and experience to make you look and feel your best.​


Years of experience and hundreds of happy customers.

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Let us help bring your hair to the next level of expression. Whether you are looking for a completely new hairstyle or just need a cleanup, the stylists at 5D Salon can help you. Make an appointment today!

5D Salon

More than just a haircut.

When you cut your hair, you are releasing energy, and a part of life that is no longer serving you. You are daring to change. When you change your color, you are declaring that you are open to trying something new and different. In changing your style, you can also bring about changes in your lifestyle and even the way you see yourself.